Same Sex Gifts – About

It all started when my husband and I were invited to our first gay wedding in April 2019. We had the date and invitation in 2018.

As an excited guest I immediately started to browse eBay and Amazon for same sex gifts for the wedding day.

Mrs and Mrs Wedding Gifts

I couldn’t find anything that tickled my fancy here in the UK, it appeared the majority of ‘Mrs & Mrs’ wedding gifts were for sale in America, or on wholesale websites in Asia. As this was in late 2018 and we had 6 months until the special day, I decided I had 6 months to find something that was perfect and to search again in a couple of months’ time to view new stock that may appear.

In February 2019 just a few weeks before the wedding I had another look online and was faced with the same scenario. Either the gifts were expensive as they had to be unique and personalised, or the lead time for delivery from Asia was 40 days. In the end I paid around £16 for a double heart keyring to be engraved “Mrs [name] and Mrs [name]”

Nina Payne – The SEO Lady

Let’s backup to 2008, I was employed with the personalised cards website Funky Pigeon in Bristol, a short train hop from home in Weston-super-Mare. I was proud to push their new brand and website to Google page 1 UK Nationwide for the search phrase ‘Personalised Cards’ and beating Moonpig to the number 1 spot on Google page 1.

SEO Freelancer UK Consultant – Self Employed working from home

10 years later in 2018 it had been on my mind for a decade that here I am, working hard on client’s websites to rank them in Google and make them money. One of my case studies showed growth in 3 years from a £2m turnover to £5m turnover, and I thought “I should really build my own eCommerce website – BUT it needs to be a niche, not selling jewellery, clothing or anything else that’s common or garden these days”.

Same Sex Wedding Cake Topper Problems

After the wedding I spoke to my neice about her wedding planning, and she confided that it was impossible to find a ‘Mrs & Mrs’ cake topper, and same sex table decorations were very limited and cheap looking.

I thought “That’s it – I’m going to build a website with reasonably priced same sex wedding cake toppers, table decorations and keyrings”